1. Pepe Deluxé
    Helsinki, Finland
  2. Husky Rescue
    London, UK
  3. Hardkandy
    Brighton, UK
  4. Black Grass
    Brighton, UK
  5. Bushy
    Brighton, UK
  6. Nylon Rhythm Machine
    Brighton, UK
  7. Feature Cast
    Southampton, UK
  8. Catskills Compilations / EPs / One Offs
    Brighton, UK
  9. Catskills Project - Aldo Vanucci & Kidda
    Brighton, UK
  10. The Ripps
    Coventry, UK
  11. Sonorous Star
    London, UK
  12. Capsule
    Berlin, Germany
  13. Ch3vy
    London, UK
  14. Infinite Potential
    London, UK
  15. Zero Theory
    London, UK


Catskills Records Brighton, UK

Catskills Records was formed 1997 by a London / Brighton collective to release underground talent from their home turf. Home to Pepe Deluxe, Husky Rescue,Hardkandy, Bushy, Zero Theory, Sonorous Star, Nylon Rhythm Machine, Black Grass, Vibra and Capsule ... more

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